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How to be a Winner at Chess


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Uitgever:Ballantine Books, 1996



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Read This Book And Learn How To Enjoy One Of The Most Fascinating Games In The World

How, to Be a Winner at Chess is the result of twenty years' experience and study: and it is something unique in chess books -- an amusing, easily read, and even more easily understood book for the vast majority of "in-between" players, those who have been checkmated too many times or who have been bogged down in the innumerable rules of various experts.

Fred Reinfeld gives you twelve basic, simple rules for winning play. All the types of checkmates, the relative importance of the chess pieces, and simple, effective strategies are discussed succinctly. And there are three important chapters on the three strongest moves -- the check, the capturing threat, and the pawn promotion. Reinfeld always emphasizes practice over theory; he gives you the rules and demonstrates exactly how you should use them.

For those who don't know the rules or who might have forgotten them, there is a chapter with all the basic rules and moves, and a brief resume of the system of chess notation.

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