De Bookfinder Insider Mailing lijst is alleen in het engels beschikbaar.

The BookFinder Insider is an English language mailing list for users to discuss the site, and more broadly, the online book industry. It's targeted towards booksellers, industry professionals, and those with an interest in what happens behind the scenes of the online bookselling world. It is not a forum for posting "wanted to buy" or "for sale" lists. The list is high-volume, with members often sending 500-1000 messages per month.

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List Policy

The BookFinder Insider is an community-operated mailing list by and for users to discuss the website, the online bookselling industry, and related issues.

Standard rules for mailing lists apply: no flames, no personal attacks, no obscenity, no spam. In particular, no "Wanted to Buy," "For Sale," or "For Auction" postings are allowed on the list; there are many other excellent forums for such listings. In general, announcements should be made only if they are specifically relevant to the list. We value free speech, and would like to keep the list running with minimal heavy-handed top-down control, but we reserve the right to remove users, or to make the list moderated.

List Options

Use the web-based interface at to edit your subscription options. These options include:

  • unsubscribing
  • temporarily turning off list mail delivery
  • receiving mail in digest mode (or resuming normal mail delivery)